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6 Tips on Preparing for Couples Massage Therapy

Couples massage therapy is a shared experience where you and your partner can simultaneously receive a massage from two massage therapists. This type of massage helps you bond and unwind in a calming atmosphere with dimmed lights and aromatherapy. During a massage, your body produces oxytocin, commonly known as the “love hormone,” which satisfies your yearning for positive emotions, diminishing in the monotony of everyday life

Although getting a couples massage therapy can be an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating experience for both partners, preparing for it can be a bit daunting, especially if it is your first time. To make the most of your experience, here are the 6 best tips on preparing for couples massage therapy.

1.  Choose the Right Massage Center or Spa

Selecting the right spa is essential to ensure a memorable couples massage experience. It’s advisable to choose a spa that employs trained and experienced couple’s massage therapists. Choose a reputable spa that uses high-quality massage oils and lotions and provides a soothing atmosphere.

Moreover, ensure that the spa is licensed and regulated by healthcare laws. This guarantees that the products used by the spa are safe on your skin. Licensed spas must pass health inspections to maintain their permits, ensuring customer safety. Check if the spa offers other treatments like facials or manicures that you can enjoy with your partner. Also, inquire about special pricing or discounts for couples to avoid additional fees at checkout.

2.  Talk to Your Partner

Communication with your partner prior to your couples massage therapy session is vital. Discuss your expectations and preferences, including pressure intensity and areas of focus, to ensure that both you and your partner are at ease during the massage and can maximize its benefits. If your partner complains of recurring pain, try to understand the cause of the discomfort so you can communicate it effectively to the therapist.

3.  Dress Comfortably

Wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to your couple’s massage therapy session is a suitable option. Avoid tight-fitting clothing or clothing with zippers or buttons and remove any jewelry, as these can be uncomfortable during the massage. A casual tee and khaki shorts are an excellent option for men while women can wear a cotton dress or shirt. Also, spas provide robes and slippers that you can change into before the massage therapy.

4.  Avoid Heavy Meals Before Massage

Massage therapists recommend avoiding heavy foods, such as fries or burgers before therapy because massage triggers your digestive system, increasing its efficiency. If you eat a heavy meal before a massage, you may feel bloated and uncomfortable during the therapy. So, try to eat fruits and vegetables a couple of hours before your couples massage therapy so they can be digested by the time you reach the spa.

Additionally, eat nutrient-rich food, such as broccoli, beans, and lentils that help promote the recovery of your muscles while ensuring you have a more comfortable experience.

5.  No Alcohol

Massage professionals recommend avoiding alcohol prior to the session. Massage therapy releases toxins from the muscles into the lymphatic system which can exaggerate the alcohol effect in an unpleasant way. Drinking before massage leads to an overload of toxins in the bloodstream, putting additional strain on the liver that may lead to permanent damage. In fact, most licensed spas have a “no service” policy for parties who are visibly intoxicated. However, if you had a glass of alcohol but are not drunk, the massage therapist may ask you to wait for at least 4 hours which would be a waste of your time and your partner’s, leading to agitation rather than relaxation. So, make sure you do not consume any alcohol before your couple’s massage therapy.

6.  Arrive Early

Most spas and therapy centers recommend arriving early for the massage appointment so you take your time to fill out any necessary paperwork and get settled in. It will allow you to unwind before the massage begins, alleviating stress so you and your partner can enjoy the session to the fullest. If it is the first time getting a couple’s massage therapy, arriving earlier will help you to familiarize yourself with the environment so you are less nervous when the massage begins.


Couples massage therapy can help you and your partner get out of the repetitive routines and introduce healthy coping mechanisms to help combat marital issues. Make sure you follow the above tips to fully enjoy this therapeutic experience and rejuvenate the connection and intimacy you both crave and miss.

If you feel like your daily routine is taking a toll on your relationship and you are unable to communicate it well with your partner, book an appointment today! Zen Massage Therapy can help you and your partner relax, rebound, and revive your relationship!

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