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Hot Stone Massage Vs. Regular Massage: Which One Is Good For You?

Hot Stone Massage

A massage is one remedy that proves to be transformational for our health.

Whether you’re sad, depressed, or want to unwind after a whole week’s hustle, or you’ve muscle soreness after a long workout or are just worn out from fulfilling your duties at home and work, a massage can help you destress, escape from the hustle bustle of your everyday life and rejuvenate your energy levels with great ease.

Massage benefits you physically and has a lasting effect on your emotional and mental health. I’ll also give your insight into the hot stone and regular massage.

Insights will be based on my experience of a hot stone massage near me. By referring to this guide, you’ll find it much easier to pick which massage best suits your needs. So, without further ado, let’s jump to it;

Key Difference

As the name implies, the key difference is the use of stones. In a hot stone massage, a professionally trained therapist will use hot stones to apply pressure on sore muscles, enabling them to ease, relax and rejuvenate.

The stones used by the therapist are usually made of basalt, which is a volcanic rock. These particular kinds of stones are known for preserving or retaining heat energy, unlike other types of stones.

On the contrary, a regular massage session would provide you with similar benefits as stone massage therapy.

The only distinction a regular or classic massage therapy holds is that the masseur will use their bare hands, instead of stones, to apply pressure to different areas of your body to ease the soreness of muscles and minimize trigger points from significant muscle groups, including neck, back, and shoulders.

As a result, you experience a big relief from pain.

Why The Masseur Applies Stones?

From my experience of hot massage near me, I learned about different types of stones used in hot stone therapy. Most therapists usually have a collection of basalt river rocks. There are two significant reasons why they use these volcanic rock stones.

First, the stones are channeled by the river’s current, which ensures that the stones maintain a smooth surface. They’re neither pointy nor have a rough surface area.

The smooth surface of the stones allows the masseur to apply pressure through these stones without worrying about damaging the superficial layer of your tissue. So, the smooth surface of the stones adds a ton to the therapy’s safety.

Secondly, the stones can retain a great degree of heat, which allows for fantastic treatment outcomes as pressure is applied against stones onto the triggered areas to provide immediate relief from pain and soreness of muscles.

You may find professional trainers heat these stones at a high temperature. I found them heating the basalt stones at 135 F when I had a hot stone massage near me.

What Can You Expect From A Hot Stone Massage?

Although massage generally helps relieve pain and increase blood flow, the benefits of a hot stone massage go beyond these basics. It is also known as an effective treatment for people experiencing chronic pain.

Moreover, hot stone massage near me was popular for joint pain and muscle soreness. Easing stress from muscles also allows the client to relieve mental stress, thus serving as a potential cure for sadness and depression.

The heat from the rocks onto your muscles is meant to ease the tension in your inner tissues. It allows you to feel stress-free when the therapist begins the handwork. That is why hot stone massage therapy has been touted as super-effective in terms of providing a cure for anxiety and stress.

How Does Hot Stone Massage Work?

Some people are mistaken that hot stone therapy is unsafe. However, it is not valid. They only have half the knowledge. If you’re going to see a professional as I did for a hot stone massage therapy near me, you won’t have any fear.

A therapist will place heat stones on your back or along your spine. That’s the usual way I saw when I went for a hot stone massage near me. They may also place stones on your toes, feet, face, chest, or stomach. A session usually takes between 70 and 85 minutes. It is fully dedicated to helping you find relief from pain in your muscles and joints.

The therapist may use Swedish massage therapy massage techniques in combination with hot stones. They may apply to knead, tapping, pressing, rolling, circular movements, and much more.

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